If there’s one thing Love Da Popcorn can occasionally be guilty of, its overuse of the word “Awesome”, and I’m afraid this post is not going to be any exception. In fact its going to be so overused in the following sentences that it will lose all meaning, and leave you wanting to headbutt your laptop screen in incandescent fury. Awesome.

So the background is, whenever anyone tweets about us, we do something awesome for them. Why, I hear no-one asking? Well, because we feel a good deed shouldn’t go unrewarded, and the more awesome acts we do, the more people will tweet, until we’ve created a sort of automatic awesomeness generator, the likes of which the world has neither seen nor imagined possible.

Head over to www.OperationAwesome.co.uk for a load more, but here are a few of my favourites. AWESOME.

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That’s right, Love Da Popcorn are joining the mile high club. By which we mean, we’re selling popcorn on airplanes- what were you thinking?

We are proud to announce that our little boxes of joy are now stocked on all Easyjet flights. So while you’re jetting off somewhere exciting, you can enjoy some delicious popcorn at the same time.

They’re going down well, and below are just some of the happy so and so’s who are loving da pop.

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Hello campers,

Love Da Popcorn have some news. They say the best things come in small packages, and the best small packages also have popcorn in them.

Introducing, the compact but beautiful, Love Da Popcorn boxes! They’re little, they’re cute, they save on space, but they’re full of the same delicious popcorn.

Get in touch if you fancy stocking these bad boys, or just if you fancy a chat. We like to chat.

[email protected]

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We are Love Da Popcorn.

You know what’s awesome? Making everyone feel great is awesome.
For every time you tweet us a picture of a bag of our popcorn, we will make someone feel great by doing something awesome.

Welcome, ladies and gents, to Operation Awesome.

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We know what you’re thinking: A year since our last post. You better have a bloody good excuse.

Well as it happens we do. Its been such an eventful year we’ve barely had time to clean our teeth or toast bread, let alone write posts about running a popcorn company! And the way 2013 is shaping up, its going to be another corker.

Now, don’t worry- even though a lot has happened, we’ll keep this to the edited highlights, or we would be here all day (like the Hollyoaks Omnibus, and no-one wants that). And there will be pictures.

In 2012 we finally stopped making popcorn in our flat and found a proper factory, with employees and everything. They helped us develop these beauties.

Not only that, but we managed to sell a load of these beautiful chaps to the lovely people at Waitrose. They look like this.

We also met Heston. He was quiet, and didn’t offer us any fried seagull or snail foam. He tried our popcorn and looked annoyed that it was as good as his. We smiled:

Tom “got a tattoo” to celebrate the deal. His Mum was genuinely really happy about it…

As if that wasn’t enough, we were voted as one of the top 100 businesses of the year by SMARTA. We celebrated with pretend moustaches.

And last but not least, 2012 was the birth-year of Operation Awesome: Our little contribution to making the world that little more awesome. Every time a fan tweets us a photo, we do something awesome for them. We recently stuck loads of free lottery tickets all round London. Look how happy it made this little lady!

That’s about all we can remember. There was definitely a lot more, but we will spare you the detail. Onto the future! Watch this space for exciting news about Love Da Popcorn in the next few weeks.

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