It’s fun eating popcorn while you read stories. This story is called The Lost Marquee. Once upon a time, Love Da Popcorn borrowed an 8m x 6m marquee. But then it blew away. They lost it, Love Da Popcorn lost an 8m x 6m marquee. The numpties! But then they found it. See more stories below. DissertationExpert

This story is called Being Roasted By Dragons. Once upon a time, Love Da Popcorn went on Dragon’s Den, on the telly. The dragon’s roasted them, especially Duncan Bannatyne who said, “This is not a business!” But Peter Jones said yes it bloody is, and Love Da Popcorn did a dance to no music.*

*Peter Jones didn’t really say “bloody”. Because he was on the telly and it might have made Duncan seem a bit stupid.

This story is called That’s Not My Name, That’s Not My Name. Once upon a time Love Da Popcorn’s ‘ founders’ changed their own names by deed poll to try and win a competition. But they didn’t win the competition. The numpties! How’s your popcorn, reader? It’s delicious, right?

This story is called Bouncing Chesterfield Bottoms. Once upon a time, Love Da Popcorn took a chesterfield sofa around the country so people could sit and bounce on it when they ate their delicious popcorn. But the people didn’t bounce too high, because you shouldn’t, not with full tummies.

This story is called The Queen Has A Head & A Tail. Love Da Popcorn has a 2p coin that is used to make difficult company decisions. Each of the three founders tosses the coin, usually on a night out, and if three heads or three tails come up, then the decision, big or small, gets the thumbs up. It’s like our very own Paul the Psychic Octopus. And Duncan Bannatyne had the cheek to say we weren’t a business!